Here's How to Temporarily Turn Off Kaspersky Antivirus in Windows

Here's How to Temporarily Turn Off Kaspersky Antivirus in Windows

Geekers - How to temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus on Windows laptops and computers easily.

For those of you who are used to using gadgets such as computers, laptops or smartphones, you must be familiar with antivirus, right? Every gadget, such as computers and laptops, usually has an antivirus installed in it. As on computers that use the Windows operating system, there is already a built-in antivirus available which is often called Windows Defender Antivirus.

But the default antivirus from Windows is still not effective in detecting and removing viruses from computers. So that many users add other antiviruses that have proven effective in executing viruses.

Of course also with updates that are very up-to-date. That way, the latest viruses that have been created will automatically enter the list of viruses that must be executed by the Antivirus.

How to Turn Off Kaspersky Antivirus Temporarily

One of the antiviruses that you must install on your computer is Kaspersky Antivirus. Because this one antivirus is very light for you to use and doesn't use a lot of RAM to secure and protect your computer. So that the speed of your laptop will not be disturbed. Kaspersky Antivirus also provides comprehensive protection against various types of attacks and threats in information security.

There are several functions and protection components contained in Kaspersky Antivirus which aim to improve comprehensive protection. These components are also deliberately designed to protect computers from various types of information security attacks, fraud and network attacks. You can also activate and deactivate the protection component and can adjust its settings.

Because usually we need to turn off antivirus to install or run programs that are sensitive to antivirus. There are also programs that we cannot download if the antivirus is still active on our computer. That way, we have to temporarily turn off the antivirus on the computer so we can download the program. The following are some steps to easily temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus.

1. The first step you have to take is to look at the Taskbar section and click the menu icon '^' which is located on the right at the bottom of the screen. Then a variety of applications will appear that are active and running behind the scenes at that time. Right-click on the Kaspersky Antivirus icon. Then a variety of Kaspersky Antivirus settings will appear that you can choose from. To disable the antivirus, click the Pause Protection… option.

How to temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus How to temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus

2. Then the Pause Protection window from Kaspersky Antivirus will appear. You can choose various options there. You can turn off the computer based on the time range, until the computer restarts and even disable it permanently. Here I will disable Kaspersky antivirus based on the time range. Then choose the Pause for … option. Then Click the active time link and choose from a variety of options. I will disable this antivirus for 30 minutes. So I chose 30 minutes.

 Temporarily turning off Kaspersky Antivirus  Temporarily turning off Kaspersky Antivirus

3. If you have set the time range option, then click the Pause Protection button.

How to temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus How to temporarily turn off Kaspersky Antivirus

Thus the article that explains about temporarily turning off Kaspersky Antivirus. You also have to pay close attention and be careful that this way is the best way for you to do. Because if not, it will be very easy for your computer to be contaminated with viruses. That way, learn in advance what application or program you want to install.

Likewise if you want to download something from the internet that requires you to disable the antivirus. Pay close attention to whether the website or file is safe if you download it without antivirus protection.


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