Here's How to Use Mi Remote for TV Remotes, AC and Other Electronic Equipment

Here's How to Use Mi Remote for TV Remotes, AC and Other Electronic Equipment

Geekers - Remote is an electronic device controller. It is from the remote that electronic devices can receive command input from the user. Its small shape makes the remote sometimes difficult to find.

Sometimes, because its function is only as a controller, it makes it easy for us as users to place it anywhere. Not surprisingly, we are also often confused and forgetful. However, you don't need to worry. Your remote can be replaced with the Mi Remote application.

Mi Remote is an application made by Xiaomi. From the name, we can actually guess that the use of this application is as a controller, like a remote. Mi Remote provides several remote options for several types of electronic devices. Not only TV, Mi Remote can also control several other devices such as AC, Mi Box, DVD Player, fans, projectors, cameras, and others.

How to Use Mi Remote

In this discussion, I use the Mi Remote application installed on Android Xiaomi. Remote Android application is not difficult. With Mi Remote you can easily control your device.

Following are the steps on how to use Mi Remote.

1. First of all, open the Mi Remote application on your Android.

how to use mi remote how to use mi remote

2. Then, click the plus icon in the upper right corner of the display to add a new remote.

click add click add

3. After that, you can choose what remote you need. Here I select the TV for the use of the TV remote.

select type of remote select type of remote

4. Next, you are directed to select the brand of the device that you need the remote for. Later, the remote will work based on the brand that matches the device. Here I use a TV brand Sharp, so I chose Sharp.

how to use mi remote how to use mi remote

5. Then, in this section you are asked to point your smartphone at the device. Like your Android smartphone like a remote. Point your smartphone while you press one of the 2 selection buttons above to test whether the remote has been connected to the device or not.

If your device is off, you press the On button to turn it on. But when your device is on, you press the Off button. Later you will know whether the device reacts or not.

test on/off test on/off 6. The next step is to test the Menu button. In this section, your device should be on/on so that it can display the reaction. Point your Android back at the live device, while pressing the menu button as shown below. You can press multiple times if the device still doesn't react.

test menu button test menu button

7. So, every time you finish pressing the menu button as in the previous step, then the display appears as below. Select the Yes button and press it, if the device reacts. However, if it doesn't act, you press the No button and the display will automatically return as in step 6 for testing. This will occur until the test limit has been determined.

how to use mi remote tv how to use mi remote tv

8. Well, this display is the display after the menu button reacts. You are expected to give the device's remote name in the name field. In this view, there is also a feature to create a remote shortcut for your device with the Add shortcut option. You just press the panel to create a shortcut.

After that, click the Paired button at the bottom of the display.

how to use mi remote tv how to use mi remote tv

9. Finally, you find that your Android looks like a remote. Because what I previously selected was for a TV set, the display that appears below is a display of the buttons on the TV remote in general. You are good to go.

you can try any buttons you can try any buttons

10. Below is the display on the Settings page. You can reach this page by clicking on the dot icon in the upper right corner of the display in the previous step.

On this page, you can set the vibration generated when pressing, changing, deleting and so on.

how to use mi remote ac how to use mi remote ac

That's how to use Mi Remote. You don't have to worry anymore if you lose your remote. You also don't need to fight over the remote at home. Because by relying on Android, remote needs are met. Good luck with the tutorial on how to use the Mi Remote above. Thank you


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