Here's How to Use NetCut on a Windows PC / Laptop (For Beginners)

Here's How to Use NetCut on a Windows PC / Laptop (For Beginners)
Geekers -  NetCut. Some of you may have heard of this application. But some of you may still ask Questions. What is NetCut? NetCut is an application that allows users who are in a Hotspot area and are members of a Wireless network to turn off the wireless networks of other computers in that area.

With this application, users usually use it to get better network bandwidth. Users usually use this application when they are in public wireless areas such as malls, cafes, and so on.

Before you use this application, it's a good idea to pay attention to a few things:

   * Turn off your antivirus. This is because some antiviruses detect NetCut as a virus, whereas we all know that this application is not a virus. This may have something to do with the function of NetCut itself which allows us to disconnect other computer networks so that it is often considered detrimental to other people.

   * Besides that it's good if you also turn off other applications. This is to minimize the possibility of hang or lag and hamper your performance when accessing NetCut.

   * Finally, make sure you are wise in using this application. As you know, applications are very vulnerable to abuse and will harm others if not used carefully and wisely. Therefore, let us respect others as we want to be respected by others.

How to Use Netcut for Beginners

All right, then we will give you a tutorial on how to use NetCut for beginners.

1. First of all, make sure you have downloaded or downloaded the NetCut application on the official website (or download it here). If in previous versions this application was in the form of a desktop application, in the latest version, NetCut has become a web-based application.

2. Please open the Netcut application, then you will be immediately directed to the main page in your computer's default browser. On the main page, you will be shown various IP addresses of several computers or devices or devices connected to the wireless network in that area.

how to use netcut on pc how to use netcut on pc

3. In the right column, you will see one main device which is an Access Point. Make sure you don't disable the device because if you disable it, the entire internet network in that place will die, including yours because you turned off the network source. Then underneath there is one more device. The device is the device you use to access this application or in other words the computer you use.

how to use netcut how to use netcut

4. You just have to look at the device or tool in the left column. These devices are devices that are used by people around you.

5. To use it, you can simply swipe left on the blue scroll symbol as shown in the image below, then the computer or device will be disconnected from the wireless network and will no longer be able to access the internet. You can do the same thing on the device below.

how to use netcut on PC how to use netcut on PC

6. To restore their computers or devices, please click Resume All, then all of these devices will be able to re-connect to the wireless network and be able to access the internet again.

how to use netcut how to use netcut

Those are some ways to use NetCut for beginners. Now that you know how NetCut works, we recommend that you also use other applications that can counter NetCut attacks, so that your computer won't be 'trapped' by other NetCuts who want to disable you from the wireless network. Good luck with the tutorial on how to use NetCut above and good luck.


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