Here's How to Use Whatsapp Animated Sticker on Android and iOS

Here's How to Use Whatsapp Animated Sticker on Android and iOS
Geekers -  As previously reported, Whatsapp has released an animated sticker feature for all of its users. According to Whatsapp, the existence of these animated stickers allows users to better express their feelings when chatting with other users.

Until the time this news was made, Whatsapp had released four types of animated cartoon stickers that could be used. Among them are, Moody Foodies, Rico's Sweet Life, Chummy Chum Chums and Bright Days.

Whatsapp Animated Sticker Cartoon Whatsapp Animated Sticker Cartoon

Whatsapp Animated Sticker cartoon

The first thing that must be fulfilled by users in order to be able to use this animated sticker feature is to update the Whatsapp application. Whether it's an Android or iOS phone. The version requested is version 2.20194.16 and above for Android and version 2.20.70 and above for iOS version. The method for updating is the same as usual, all you have to do is visit the Play Store or the Apple App Store.

After updating, the next steps to take are:

   * Open the Whatsapp application and then open the chat column

   * Tap on the emoji icon and then select a sticker category

   * Then tap the + button to then go to the Whatsapp Sticker Store

   * There will be a number of sticker options that you can choose from

   * Of course, choose a sticker with the type of name mentioned above

   * Whatsapp gives a “play” sign? next to the name of the sticker, to make it easier to distinguish between animated stickers and regular stickers

   * Download and install the desired sticker

   * When finished, the animated stickers that have been downloaded can be found on the sticker tab in the chat column

   * If not found, wait a few moments, the download process may still not be complete

   * If after a while it still doesn't appear, check the steps above again, and repeat the process from the beginning if necessary

   * Animated stickers will automatically move when the other person sees them

   * In some cases, the sticker will automatically stop moving if it has been read by the user

Indeed, currently there are only four types of cartoons available for these animated stickers, because this feature is still very new. Maybe next week there will be lots of new animated stickers with even more interesting pictures and movements.

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