How to Backup Whatsapp on an Android Phone Easily and Quickly, Do you Know?

How to Backup Whatsapp on an Android Phone Easily and Quickly, Do you Know?
Geekers -  Whatsapp is a very familiar chat application used by smartphone users around the world. This cross-platform messaging application allows users to exchange messages using the internet. That way, of course, Whatsapp is free from credit fees unlike sending SMS.

Apart from being in the form of text, there are various messages that we can send via WhatsApp, such as photos, videos, emojis, and voice recordings. There are also voice calling and video calling features. Of course we can enjoy all of that with an internet connection on our smartphones.

The increasing number of Whatsapp users shows that this application can be said to be important and needed. The need for Whatsapp is also accompanied by the user's interest in data related to chats carried out on this chat application. Some people even have important data stored in their chat rooms. Then, what if the data (related to text, photos, videos) is deleted or lost? Can Whatsapp backup existing data?

How to Backup Whatsapp Easily

How to backup WhatsApp can be done very easily. The following will explain the steps for backing up chats on Whatsapp.

1. Open the Whatsapp application on your smartphone. Press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

how to backup whatsapp on Android how to backup whatsapp on Android

2. In this section, select Settings to go to the Whatsapp settings page.

Settings Settings

3. Then, tap on the Chats section for settings related to your chat.

chats chats

4. On this page there are several settings related to your chat. To do a backup, select Chat backup.

how to backup whatsapp how to backup whatsapp

5. Select BACK UP to start backing up. If you also want to back up videos in the chat, do the checklist in the Include videos section.

Select BACK UP to start backing up Select BACK UP to start backing up

6. Next, you can make other arrangements regarding storing the backup results. As for your chat backup, it will be stored on the Google account drive you selected. You can select this account by pressing on the Account section.

For backup schedules, there are several options. Choose according to your needs. You can set this by pressing on the Back up to Google Drive section. After that, a screen like the one below will appear where there are several options.

For the Never option, it means not doing a backup at all, Only when I tap "Back up" means the backup is done only when you press the BACK UP button (when you want to back up only, not automatically) , while Daily, Weekly, and Monthly which means backups are automatically carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

7. Then, to save the backup results, you can set on Back up over to select the network service you want to use. WiFi option to back up only when WiFi is available, or with WiFi or cellular to back up when connected to WiFi or data plan from your SIM card.

How to Backup Whatsapp on an Android Phone How to Backup Whatsapp on an Android Phone

8. If the settings are to your liking, you can start the backup by pressing the BACK UP button as before. You can see the backup process as shown below.

backup process backup process


Backup is one way to prevent data or file loss. It is highly recommended for you to make backup settings if you frequently interact via the Whatsapp application. With backups, you don't have to worry if you accidentally delete important chats at any time.

By backing up chats, you can also easily access your chats via other devices by simply logging into your Google account drive. If anyone wants to ask about the tutorial on how to backup WhatsApp above, please write in the comments column below, OK? Thank you 🙂

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