How To Block Pop Up Ads On Microsoft Edge

How To Block Pop Up Ads On Microsoft Edge
How To Block Pop Up Ads On Microsoft Edge
To block pop-up ads on Microsoft Edge, you can use the following steps:

Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the window.
Select "Settings" from the menu.
In the left pane, click on "Privacy and services."
In the right pane, scroll down to the "Pop-ups" section.
Turn on the toggle switch next to "Block pop-ups."
This will prevent most pop-up ads from appearing while you browse the web. If you still see pop-up ads, you can try the following:

Close the pop-up window by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
If the pop-up window doesn't have an X, you can try pressing the Esc key on your keyboard to close it.
If the pop-up window opens automatically and you can't close it, you can try pressing Alt+F4 to close the current window.
If you want to allow pop-ups from a specific website, you can add that website to the exception list. To do this:

In the Microsoft Edge settings, go to the "Pop-ups" section as described above.
Click on the "Manage exceptions" button.
In the "Address of website" field, enter the website's address (e.g.,
Click the "Add" button.
This will allow pop-ups from the specified website to appear while blocking pop-ups from all other websites.

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