How to Broadcast on LINE for Beginners (Complete+Image)

How to Broadcast on LINE for Beginners (Complete+Image)
Geekers -  What are Lines? How to broadcast on LINE? This application became one of the applications that were widely used at that time. There are various reasons for using LINE, some argue that this application does not require a fast internet network. However, the most common reason for using Line is that this application provides a variety of attractive stickers with various themes.

You can express what you feel through the sticker. The stickers provided on LINE are also updated regularly so you don't have to worry about getting bored.

Even though at first some thought that the stickers were less expressive and didn't really show what we felt, the longer LINE has gotten better and better where there are already lots of stickers that are increasingly helping to express what we feel. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to easily broadcast on LINE.

Guide to Broadcasting on LINE

1. Here we need the help of an application called ColorNote Notepad Notes which you can download on the Play Store. Select Install.

How to Broadcast on LINE How to Broadcast on LINE

2. After the application is installed on your cellphone, open the Color Note application then select Add Note.

Broadcast on LINE 2 Broadcast on LINE 2

3. Select the Text option.

How to Broadcast on LINE 2020 How to Broadcast on LINE 2020

4. Enter the broadcast message that you want to share with many people. After that, select the dot icon.

Broadcast on LINE 4 Broadcast on LINE 4

5. Then select Send.

Tutorial on how to broadcast on LINE Tutorial on how to broadcast on LINE

6. Then select LINE.

Broadcast on LINE 5B Broadcast on LINE 5B

7. Check who will receive the broadcast message, a maximum of 10 people at one time select (terms of LINE). Then select Share and you have successfully sent the broadcast message.

Broadcast on LINE 6 Broadcast on LINE 6

Interesting Features of LINE

There are many features provided by this application. You can try all of these features even though there are indeed some features that are premium or paid.

1. Chat, Video Call, Voice Call, and Live

The first features presented by LINE are chat, video and voice calls, as well as Live. You rarely find a combination of these various features in other applications. For chat, you can not only send text but you can also send videos, audio, videos, and even documents.

Meanwhile, voice and video calls are not much different from telephone and video call features in other applications. Then what about the Live feature? You can also find this feature on Instagram where you can broadcast live through this feature.

2. Themes and Stickers

We have previously discussed that one of the strengths of LINE is the presence of expressive stickers to show how you are feeling or in your mood right now. You can get these stickers for free, but there are indeed some stickers that you can get by paying. The presence of this feature can make you more expressive when chatting with friends or people you care about.

3. Keep

One other advantage of LINE is the availability of a feature called Keep. As the name suggests, this feature is used to save files. So you don't need to worry about losing files or files that you have sent or received. Apart from that, you can also save information from LINE Today and then save it here.

4. QR code

With the QR Code, adding friends feels very easy. All you have to do is scan the barcode on your friend's LINE account. After that, the LINE application will read the barcode and your friend will automatically enter your LINE account contact.

5. LINE Today

This feature is very useful for those of you who like to read the news. You can get various kinds of news with various themes here. This information is very up to date to add to your insight.

6. Broadcasts

You can use this one feature to share images, audio, video, or text with many people at the same time. So, you don't need to send the files one by one because it will only waste your time.

Those are the steps for broadcasting on LINE that you can practice right now. Hopefully useful and easy to understand.


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