How to Change Blog Address on Blogger / Blogspot for Beginners

How to Change Blog Address on Blogger / Blogspot for Beginners

Geekers - This time we will learn about how to easily change your blog address. When you create a blog, you are asked to enter the blog address. This blog address is used as your blog's "identity", so when someone wants to visit your blog directly from a browser (not from a Google search), they must first enter your blog's address in the address bar of the browser they are using.

However, later on you want to change your blog address, whether it's because there is a naming error, the blog address is too long and so on. But take it easy, you can replace it easily through the article below:

1. Login to your blogger dashboard. Next select Settings.

change blog address 1 change blog address 1

2. On the Basic settings menu, click Edit to change your blog address.

change blog address 2 change blog address 2

3. Enter the new blog address you want. Make sure the blog address you enter is available, if not, you can use another blog address, finally select Save.

change blog address 3 change blog address 3

4. Your blog address has been successfully changed.

change blog address 4 change blog address 4

In closing, make sure the blog address you enter is easy to memorize and does not cause double interpretation. Naming your blog address also affects the "brand" of your own blog. For example, the title or name of your blog is Nesaba Media where this blog discusses computers and the internet, it's impossible for the blog address to be like:, so the title / name, topic and blog address must be related to each other.


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