How to Compress Video with Handbrake to Reduce the Size

How to Compress Video with Handbrake to Reduce the Size

Geekers - Watching videos or movies on the computer is of course one of the activities that is done quite often. In fact, for some people, the activity of watching videos can also become a habit and a desire arises to collect favorite movies or video series that appear continuously on the Internet. However, it cannot be denied that we often feel that the size of a video or film is too large so that it takes up enough space in the computer's storage.

In this article we offer a solution by compressing your video. This compressing activity is intended to reduce the size of an image or video file. But the thing to remember is that this compression activity sometimes also reduces the quality of your video.

Therefore, here we use a software called Handbrake to compress your video. Actually, there are still many software options with a way of working that is not much different, but we prefer to use Handbrake because the video compression process that is being carried out can be set to reduce the size without reducing the quality as well. In addition, this software is also relatively lightweight and can be used on all operating systems, both Windows, Mac-OS or Linux.

How to Compress Video Without Reducing Quality

Immediately below, we will explain the steps on how to compress videos using the Handbrake software, which are as follows:

1. First open and run the Handbrake application on your PC or laptop. Below is the initial display when Handbrake starts running.

How to Compress Video How to Compress Video

2. You first look for the video or film that will be compressed by going to Source then clicking File, then searching for and selecting the video you want.

first search for the video or film to be compressed, first search for the video or film to be compressed

3. After selecting the desired video, you will be taken back to the main page, along with a description of the video to be compressed.

select the desired video select the desired video

4. Don't forget to also specify the destination folder or what is commonly called the output folder setting by clicking Browse, also typing the output file name and making sure the name is not the same as another video with the same extension. Below is the display after specifying the Destination file along with the file name.

How to Compress Video How to Compress Video

5. Under the Destination option there is an Output Setting to adjust the compressed video output, this is the most important part if you want compression settings without reducing video quality.

Note: The file that I compressed originally had an .mkv extension and in this view it will be converted to a .mp4 extension

want compress settings want compress settings

6. In the Video sub menu, there are Video Codec settings. The term Codec is an abbreviation of Codec - Decoder or commonly called Compressor - Decompressor. This setting is very important for adjusting the video size after compression, the bit rate and its compatibility with media player software. In general, the standard codec settings that are often used are H.264 and H.265.

How to Compress Video with Handbrake How to Compress Video with Handbrake

7. When finished and you are sure of all the settings, the compression process can be started by clicking Start, wait a few moments for the process to finish.

clicking Start clicking Start

8. The video compression process may take a few minutes depending on the video to be compressed and the settings that are implemented.

Video compress process Video compress process

Check the output in the destination folder that you specified earlier. You may create other settings besides what we have explained, but first know the purpose of each of the settings provided to match the output you want.

That's how to compress videos using Handbrake, the results or output of each video may be different, depending on the video format, resolution and other factors.

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