How to Easily Overcome Invalid MMI Codes (Telkomsel, IM3, XL etc.)

How to Easily Overcome Invalid MMI Codes (Telkomsel, IM3, XL etc.)

Geekers - Do you know how to resolve the invalid MMI code? If we talk about the MMI code or MMI Code, maybe people who are involved in the world of networks every day, especially cellular networks, will not feel foreign anymore. But for ordinary people, they will surely wonder what the MMI code is and what it is used for. Even though they use the MMI code every day to connect to each other cellphone devices.

We cannot deny that the needs of the community, especially the Indonesian people, regarding cellular networks cannot be avoided. Based on information provided by Kominfo, at least 253 million people are registered as active subscribers for prepaid credit. The figure above is a very large nominal and will continue to grow over time and in line with the government's cellular network improvements.

Talking about cellular networks, we certainly cannot escape the MMI code. All mobile network ISPs must use this code. We can get many benefits from this code, such as checking credit, checking promos, internet packages, and so on.

List of contents

   * How to Overcome Invalid MMI Code

   + 1. No signal

   + 2. Incorrect network settings

   + 3. Network operator interference

How to Overcome Invalid MMI Code

In addition, the MMI code that is entered also varies, depending on the cellular operator you are using. However, it seems that now some of the MMI codes used by these operators have something in common, namely *123#. When you enter the code, you will automatically be taken to a new view which contains all the things we mentioned earlier.

But what if it turns out that the MMI code you entered doesn't work or is invalid? Surely something has happened and you can't let it go because later you won't be able to check quotas, promos, buy quotas, and so on. Therefore you need to understand how to deal with invalid MMI codes.

1. Invalid MMI code notification more or less like the image below. You will get a notification like this when you want to check your remaining internet credit/quota.

Resolve Invalid MMI Code 1 Resolve Invalid MMI Code 1

2. To fix this, you can simply enter the following USSD code: *#*#4636#*#* then select Call.

invalid mmi code invalid mmi code

3. After that, select which SIM gets the invalid MMI error notification. Here I choose SIM 1 so select Phone information 1.

how to deal with invalid Telkomsel mmi codes how to deal with invalid Telkomsel mmi codes

4. In the Set Preferred Network Type option, you will see the LTE only option. You need to change this option.

Resolve Invalid MMI Code 4 Resolve Invalid MMI Code 4

5. Please change to LTE/CDMA auto (PRL) as shown below.

how to deal with invalid Telkomsel mmi codes how to deal with invalid Telkomsel mmi codes

6. After that, try again to check your internet credit/quota via the *# feature, it will return to normal.

Resolve Invalid MMI Code 6 Resolve Invalid MMI Code 6

That's how to deal with invalid MMI codes that apply to all SIM cards. You need to know, other causes of invalid MMI codes can also be caused by the following things

1. No signal

The first cause is due to signal problems. How 'great' the SIM card you have depends on how strong the signal or network it has. When the signal is down or even exhausted it will definitely cause problems for you. One of these problems is when you type in the MMI code, it will say that the code is invalid.

2. Incorrect network settings

Errors in network settings may also indicate that your MMI code is invalid. To solve this, please check your network settings. Adjust to the existing network in your area whether it supports 4G or not.

3. Network operator interference

For these three reasons, it can be said that there is nothing you can do. You just need to wait until your operator has finished fixing the problem.


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