How to Enable HDR on Windows 10

How to Enable HDR on Windows 10

 How to Enable HDR on Windows 10

To enable HDR on Windows 10, you need to make sure you have a monitor or TV that supports HDR and is connected to your computer via HDMI 2.0a port. Then follow these steps:

Open the Start menu and go to the Settings app.

Click on the System category.

In the left-hand menu, select Display.

Under the "HDR and advanced color" section, make sure the "HDR and WCG" settings are turned on.

If you don't see this option, it means your monitor does not support HDR or is not connected correctly.

Restart your computer and check if the HDR option is now available in the Windows 10 settings.

If you still can't enable HDR, try updating your graphics card driver to the latest version.

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