How to Enter Electricity Token Credit to the Meter (Without Error)

How to Enter Electricity Token Credit to the Meter (Without Error)

Geekers - Now people's need for electricity is unavoidable. If in the past there were still many areas that did not have electricity, now electricity in Indonesia is almost directed to various regions throughout Indonesia. This is of course very useful because community activities can take place better than when the area was still not electrified. Even now, the community's need for electricity is increasing.

Moreover, almost all human activities definitely require electrical energy. As for the types of electricity payments, there are at least two types of payments. The first is prepaid electricity and the second is referred to as manual electricity. Especially for prepaid electricity or smart electricity, when you want to make a payment, the procedure is the same as when you want to buy credit.

All you have to do is deposit the electricity token code and then top up the pulse according to the nominal you use. The convenience provided when using electricity tokens is what makes many people start using electricity tokens. Apart from that, there are several other advantages of using electricity tokens compared to manual electricity.

How to Enter Electricity Token Tolls into the Meter

Below are some of the steps you must take when you want to enter credit into an electricity token.

1. Make sure you have bought the electricity token credit first, you can buy it at the nearest credit counter or you can also buy it at Shopee (how to do it here) or Bukalapak (how to do it here). After that you will get an electricity token code which will later be entered into the electricity meter.

2. As you can see on the electricity meter, my remaining electricity token pulses are only 6.30.

How to Enter the Latest Electricity Token Credit How to Enter the Latest Electricity Token Credit

3. To enter an electricity token pulse, just enter the electricity token pulse code. After that you press the red button.

Enter Electric Token Credit 2 Enter Electric Token Credit 2

4. If it says TRUE, that means you have successfully entered the electricity token pulse.

How to Enter Electric Token Credit Easily How to Enter Electric Token Credit Easily

5. Automatically my electricity token pulse increases, from the initial 6.30 to 74.20. Incidentally, I bought a nominal Rp. 100,000.

Enter Electric Token Credit 4 Enter Electric Token Credit 4

Advantages of Electricity Tokens

In the following, we will explain to you all about some of the advantages that you can get when using electricity tokens:

1. Cheaper installation costs

One of the basic advantages of using prepaid electricity is that it is cheap. In the past, there was news that prepaid electricity installation fees were more expensive. Even though when you want to do this electricity installation, all you need is the installation fee and a guarantee deposit for the customer. Then, electricity will only be burdened with tokens so that it is useful for reducing expenses.

2. Practical

Many people prefer things that are practical. Using an electricity token has the advantage that you can feel that everything is fast, practical, and certainly not complicated. Why? Because you don't have to come to the PLN office if you want to make a payment. Then how do you pay for electricity token pulses? There are at least 3 ways you can do it, including:

   * Directly buy credit at Indomaret and other supermarkets by including the token number.

   * Using an electricity token makes PLN employees come to your house because usually the fruit supplier will ask to come once a week.

3. No extra charge

The third advantage of using electricity pulses is that you no longer need to set up additional costs. In contrast to conventional electricity, where your money must always be paid immediately. That way, your financial condition can be more controlled so you don't waste it.

That's how to easily enter electricity token pulses. It's not very difficult, just enter according to the electricity token code received then press the red button. And done!


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