How to Find Google Maps Coordinates on Android (+Image)

How to Find Google Maps Coordinates on Android (+Image)

Geekers - Before there were online maps like Google Maps, usually when they wanted to find a location, people did it by visiting the nearest area and then asking local residents.

After internet technology entered and the cost was affordable for many people, in just a short time Google Maps became one of the most popular software among the public. With Google Maps, finding a location is very easy because you only need to stare at the cellphone or computer screen to check the location.

Google Maps is not only able to show the location you are looking for, but can also guide you to reach that location from various directions.

Amazingly, Google Maps is also able to show the travel time that you will take when choosing a route based on the type of vehicle you are using (car, plane, bicycle, walking, train). With the data provided, you can also choose the shortest route to save time and money when visiting that location.

How to Find Google Maps Coordinates on Android

Many locations on Google Maps are also accompanied by photos of streets and buildings. For certain buildings, it is sometimes accompanied by photographs showing the inside of the building, for example, like Plaza Telkom, cafes and restaurants. What's also interesting is that you can search for the nearest location for banks, gas stations, cafes, hotels, hospitals, post offices, parking lots and shops. You can even find out the opening hours and closing hours for post offices, banks, cafes and others.

Each location on Google Maps also has a GPS coordinate point which is a meeting point between longitude and latitude, but the location of the coordinate information is quite hidden so it is rather difficult to find it. If you are curious about the coordinates of a particular location, you can follow the guide on how to find coordinates on Google Maps below.

1. Open the Maps application (or Google Maps) on your cellphone.

How to Find Google Maps Coordinates on Android How to Find Google Maps Coordinates on Android

2. In the search field, type the name of the desired location. Then select that location.

Finding Coordinates on Google Maps 2 Finding Coordinates on Google Maps 2

3. For example, here I want to find the coordinates of Food Land Bangil. The next thing you need to do is press and hold the location icon (red icon).

how to find house coordinates on google maps how to find house coordinates on google maps

4. After that, coordinate information from that location will appear. You can copy the coordinates.

how to see coordinates on google maps android how to see coordinates on google maps android


After finding the coordinates of a location, what you can do next is save the coordinates of that location so you can access them easily again. No need to look for it anymore because you can open it directly through the list of locations on Google Maps.

You can provide additional information for each coordinate stored in the location list to make it easier to identify. The location list itself can be protected so only you know about it or shared with others.

There are three options for sharing location lists, namely through a link that you can then send to others via email, via Facebook and Twitter, or by changing the location list status to public so that it appears in Google Search. The location list that you have can also be accessed at any time by logging into your Google account, so try not to forget your password.


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