How to Fix DCOM Error 10016 on Windows 10

How to Fix DCOM Error 10016 on Windows 10
How to Fix DCOM Error 10016 on Windows 10
DCOM error 10016 occurs when a program or service tries to access a DCOM server but is unable to do so due to incorrect permissions. This error can occur for a variety of reasons, including when a program or service has been installed or uninstalled incorrectly, or when a user attempts to start a program or service that is not configured properly.

To fix DCOM error 10016 on Windows 10, you can try the following steps:

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.

Type "dcomcnfg" into the Run dialog and press Enter to open the Component Services window.

In the Component Services window, expand the Computers folder, then expand My Computer.

Right-click My Computer and select Properties.

In the My Computer Properties window, click the COM Security tab.

Under Launch and Activation Permissions, click Edit Limits.

In the Launch Permission dialog, ensure that the user or group that you want to give access to is listed. If it is not, click Add and add the user or group.

Once you have added the user or group, set the appropriate permissions for them (e.g., Local Launch, Remote Launch, Local Activation, Remote Activation).

Click OK to save the changes and close the Launch Permission dialog.

Repeat steps 6-9 for the Access Permissions section.

Close the My Computer Properties window and the Component Services window.

Restart your computer.

After following these steps, the DCOM error 10016 should be resolved. 
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