How to Get Rid of Blue Checks on Whatsapp

How to Get Rid of Blue Checks on Whatsapp

Geekers - Facebook spent 19 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp in 2014. The decision was considered surprising not only because of the fantastic numbers, but also because WhatsApp was not a very popular application in the United States. But in fact, the decision was probably one of the best decisions the founder of Facebook ever made. WhatsApp's growth rate is very fast and now the number of users has far exceeded its competitors such as Wechat and Twitter.

WhatsApp allows you to communicate with anyone even if they are separated by great distances. Unlike before when SMS still ruled the cellphone world, the cost of sending messages via WhatsApp is much cheaper.

There is even a special chat package for WhatsApp which costs only 5 thousand rupiah and is valid for 30 days. With super cheap prices like that, you can also chat to your heart's content with many people even if some of them are abroad. Distance is not a problem as long as your cellphone is connected to the internet.

How to Get Rid of Blue Checks on Whatsapp

WhatsAp not only provides the means to communicate at a very low cost, but also provides a number of features that make communication easier and more convenient. You and your friends can send files to each other via WhatsApp. You can also make voice calls and video calls in certain situations where text messages are no longer sufficient to explain what you want to convey to other people.

On WhatsApp, almost every message you send displays a blue tick. The mark indicates that the message you sent has been read by the recipient. Likewise with other people who send messages to you. As soon as you read the message, messages stored on the sender's cellphone will also be marked with a blue tick. This feature becomes a problem when you have read the message but haven't responded, but you don't need to worry because the sign can be removed.

1. First you need to click on the three dots located in the right corner of the Whatsapp window.

how to remove blue ticks on whatsapp how to remove blue ticks on whatsapp

2. Then select Settings.

Remove Blue Checks on WhatsApp 2 Remove Blue Checks on Whatsapp 2

3. Then select Account.

how to get rid of blue ticks on normal whatsapp how to get rid of blue ticks on normal whatsapp

4. Next select Privacy.

Remove blue ticks on Whatsapp 4 Remove blue ticks on Whatsapp 4

5. In the Read receipts option, please turn it off. So that even if you have read a message from someone, the tick will remain gray.

Remove Blue Checks on Whatsapp 5 Remove Blue Checks on Whatsapp 5

There are several reasons why someone doesn't reply to messages on WhatsApp. Maybe you really are not in the mood to chat, or you are still confused about what kind of answer to give, looking for information on the internet or contacting other people to verify the contents of the message, the internet connection suddenly turns off, the data plan has run out, the cell phone suddenly turns off due to forgot to charge while at that time the recipient of the message was on his way, too busy to reply, there was a very sudden emergency, and many other reasons.

Unfortunately, many people immediately think negatively when their message has been read but not immediately replied. By removing the blue tick on WhatsApp, other people will not know whether their messages have been read or not so you can avoid these negative prejudices.


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