How to Leave a WhatsApp Group Without Admin Notification or Notice?

How to Leave a WhatsApp Group Without Admin Notification or Notice?

Geekers - The more social media has appeared in recent years, the greater the curiosity about new things, especially among young people. The development of technology, which is currently skyrocketing rapidly, cannot be denied that this cannot be fully monitored 100% by the government and the people themselves. Now, not a few use social media wisely so that many are heading in a negative direction. Therefore, you must be very firm in sorting out what is right and wrong and important and unimportant.

The truth is, you have to keep filtering things that are useful and that you really need. It is common knowledge that social media is a place to connect with friends, family, or even just stalking someone. Well, now WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application and is used by people to communicate with each other. This is because the use of this application is very easy even for ordinary people.

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Hospitality is also scapegoated in everyday life. Groups began to appear in the name of silaturrahmi ties. The original goal was actually good to facilitate communication between people. However, maybe lately the groups on your WhatsApp have run away from their original path. Not infrequently, the original function of the group is no longer there. Some of the members may often send spam, argue that is not important, send SARA content or other things.

How to Leave a Whatsapp Group

Very annoying isn't it. You've been very distracted? Maybe, now you're thinking about just leaving the WhatsApp group but don't know how. So, this article will provide a solution for you to quickly get out of the WhatsApp group, which might make you more irritated. Let's see the steps for leaving the Whatsapp group below.

1. Open your WhatsApp application first.

2. Then open the chat group that you want to leave as soon as possible.

how to leave whatsapp group how to leave whatsapp group

3. Then, tap/press on the group name area as shown below.

how to leave a whatsapp group without the admin knowing how to leave a whatsapp group without the admin knowing

4. You will be shown the group info and lists of group members. Scroll down or slide the screen to the very bottom until you find the Exit group area.

Step 3 - scroll down Step 3 - scroll down

5. Select Exit group / Exit group as shown in the image marked with the box below.

how to leave whatsapp group without notification how to leave whatsapp group without notification

6. A dialog box will appear regarding your confirmation of "Do you want to leave this group?", if you are no longer in doubt about your decision, just select Exit or Exit.

Step 5 - Confirm okay Step 5 - Confirm okay

7. If you have followed the steps above correctly, then you have successfully left your WhatsApp group as shown below.

how to leave whatsapp group how to leave whatsapp group

That's how to leave the Whatsapp group easily. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief. A little disturbance can be easily resolved right? So, for that, as beings who have been given reason by God, let's be wise to make WhatsApp or any social media as a means of communication that is beneficial to ourselves and others. So that no one feels disturbed and disturbs each other too.

As much as possible obey the group rules that have been made and avoid words that can offend friends in the group. Participate politely in the group as a civilized member so that the original purpose of the group does not fade away. Come on, show courtesy as a civilized society so that communication continues to run well.


How to leave the Whatsapp group without the admin's knowledge is difficult and too complicated, we have to change our Whatsapp number, then register again on Whatsapp and so on and what's worse, you will also automatically leave all your WhatsApp groups. Therefore, if you really want to leave a group on Whatsapp, just leave if you really feel disturbed or just mute the group conversation.

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