How to Move Files to CD/DVD

How to Move Files to CD/DVD

Geekers - There is an assumption circulating that no matter how large the capacity of the file storage media we have, this capacity will never be enough. The reason is not because of the many files you want to save, but because of the endless human desires.

In the past, perhaps many were satisfied with the quality of films whose file sizes were equivalent to one CD, but now, HD quality films are everywhere with file sizes that are many times larger.

With the advancement of hard disk technology, the price of hard disks is also increasingly affordable with an increasingly large capacity. Even so, it doesn't mean that everyone can buy a hard drive at will. This is a problem for users who diligently collect HD movies or frequently download other large files. Cloud storage is also not enough to help because the storage capacity provided is usually very limited. Fortunately, we still have other storage media, namely CD / DVD.

How to Move Files to CD/DVD

1. First of all you need to prepare a CD / DVD with the size according to your needs. After that, insert the CD / DVD into the optical drive of your computer / laptop.

preparing CD / DVD discs preparing CD / DVD discs

2. After that open the file explorer, then select the files you want to move to the CD / DVD then right click and select Send to > DVD RW Drive (F:).

Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 2 Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 2

3. In the Disc title section you can enter the title you want then select With a CD/DVD player then select Next.

Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 3 Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 3

4. Make sure the files are correct and ready to be burned.

ready to burn ready to burn

5. After that select Drive Tools then select Finish burning.

select Drive Tools select Drive Tools

6. If a window like this appears, select Next.

Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 6 Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 6

7. Wait for the burning process to finish. The length of time this process depends on the size of the file being transferred.

How to Transfer Files to a CD or DVD 7 How to Transfer Files to a CD or DVD 7

8. Success, the files have been successfully transferred to the CD / DVD.

Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 8 Transferring Files to a CD or DVD 8

Still Safe to Save Files to CD / DVD

The capacity of a CD / DVD is indeed not as big as the capacity of a flash disk, but the price is cheaper so that many still rely on this storage media. The risk of damage is indeed greater, but as long as you are always careful, you can reduce this risk as little as possible. To get around so that CD / DVD chips are not accessed many times, usually files that are transferred to CD / DVD are files that are still needed but are rarely opened.

These files can be backup files, classic films, recordings of television shows, songs that you are tired of listening to but it's a shame to delete them, and installers for certain software. Examples include the Windows installer, the free version installer of Networx which has not been developed since Networx was distributed only as shareware, the old version of Waterfox or Firefox installer which still supports classic extensions such as Tab Mix Plus, as well as various other software which may have been abandoned by the developer but still work. Runs fine on the operating system you are using.


Transferring some files to a CD / DVD is a quite attractive solution due to the relatively low cost. If a CD / DVD chip is damaged, most people can immediately buy a replacement disc without having to raise money first. In addition, the damage will only affect the files stored on the CD / DVD, while other files will still be safe.

By combining CDs / DVDs, flash drives, and some cloud storage as alternative storage media, hard drive storage space will be a little more spacious. For files that you move to CD / DVD, you can check the condition of the CD / DVD once every month to ensure that all files can still be opened as usual.


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