How to Move Images in Microsoft Word as needed

How to Move Images in Microsoft Word as needed
Geekers -  Now we will share information about how to move pictures in Word. Word or Microsoft Word is an application made by Microsoft. This application becomes a package with other applications that are in the Microsoft Office installation. Its function is as software for processing words and numbers. This application can also be used to create interesting presentations.

Everyone who uses the Windows operating system must also use Ms. word. It's just that they installed Ms. Word with different versions.

Some well-known versions of Microsoft Office include: Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, and so on. Each version that is present, of course, has its own updates and is usually used according to the capabilities of the computer and OS used.

But what is certain is that Microsoft Office is an application that has many advantages. Indeed, now there are also quite a number of other applications with the same function and can also be installed on Windows OS. Nonetheless, Ms. Word seems irreplaceable and is still one of the best.

How to Move Images in Word

One of the features or tools that you can use is a tool to insert images. You can use these tools to insert images, both offline images, online images, shapes, and others. You just click on Insert and select the image you want.

In connection with this feature, sometimes there are people who feel that the position of the image that has been inserted is not quite right. Finally, the image must be repositioned to fit. However, the problem is that sometimes the image we want to slide doesn't work and it makes people who don't know how to do it get confused. Here are the steps on how to move the image in Word:

1. Insert the desired image in the Word document. In order to be shifted, click the image then click the Format tab.

So that pictures in Word can be shifted 1 So that pictures in Word can be shifted 1

2. After that you select Wrap Text.

So that the picture in Word can be shifted So that the picture in Word can be moved

3. Then you select an option other than In Line with Text. Choose according to your needs.

Select Picture Style Select Picture Style

4. You can see the results of some of these options in this video:

We hope that the steps for moving images in Word are easy to understand and useful for you. Good luck!

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