How To Pause Windows 11 Updates Tutorial

How To Pause Windows 11 Updates Tutorial
How To Pause Windows 11 Updates Tutorial
There is no such thing as Windows 11. The latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system is Windows 10. To pause updates in Windows 10, you can use the following steps:

Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.

Click on "Update & Security" and then click on "Windows Update" on the left side of the window.

Click on the "Advanced Options" link and then turn on the toggle switch next to "Pause Updates."

Select the number of days you want to pause updates for and then click on the "Pause" button to confirm your selection.

Note that pausing updates is not recommended as it can leave your computer vulnerable to security risks. If you want to stop Windows from automatically installing updates, you can change the active hours or set a metered connection to limit the amount of data used for updates. You can also use the Group Policy editor or the Registry editor to disable automatic updates completely, but this is not recommended and can cause issues with the stability and security of your system.

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