How to Remove Passwords in Windows 10 (Login Screen) Easily

How to Remove Passwords in Windows 10 (Login Screen) Easily

Geekers - Microsoft as one of the largest IT companies in the world has operating system software that is used by almost all computer users in various parts of the world because the interface is so user friendly and compatible with most other applications. To keep up with technological developments, Microsoft since 2015 has updated its OS version to Windows 10.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to remove passwords in Windows 10 or what is often known as the login screen. This login screen will ask for a password as a user protection that will use your computer.

How to remove login password in Windows 10 How to remove login password in Windows 10

login screen display in windows 10

How to Remove Passwords in Windows 10

However, if you use the computer only for personal purposes, it will feel complicated if each login requires a password. Here's how to easily remove the login screen in Windows 10:

1. First open the Control Panel menu, you can open it by pressing the Windows key + R. After that, type "control" then press Enter.

how to remove windows 10 password how to remove windows 10 password

2. Then select Change account type.

select Change account type select Change account type

3. Select the desired user. My laptop only has 1 user, namely the main user as administrator. It could be that your laptop has more than 1 user, so it's just a matter of adjusting it.

how to remove windows 10 password how to remove windows 10 password

4. Then select Change the password. If this option is not available, please select Manage another account, click the user/user in question then select Change the password.

select Change the password select Change the password

5. In the Current password column, enter your user password (the password used on the login screen). And for other columns, leave blank. After that select Change password and restart your PC or laptop.

select Change password select Change password

Now you will no longer be asked to enter a password every time you log in to your computer. You can use the computer immediately after turning it on.

Re-enable Login Screen

To reactivate the login screen on your laptop, simply repeat steps 1-3. Then select Create a password.

select create a password select create a password

After that enter the password you want. For the password hint column, you can fill in a word or sentence that makes it easier for you to remember your password, don't fill in your password. Then restart your PC or laptop, and you will see the login screen appear again.

create a new password create a new password

It should be warned that without a login screen, your computer's security will be at greater risk. Especially if your computer is not the only person who uses it. It is feared that without a login screen, a nosy friend or even a friend who doesn't know anything is tinkering with your computer without you knowing beforehand.

If there is a login screen that requires a password, at least other computer users other than you will ask what password was used to log in. The decision depends on you, it is safer and more comfortable to use the login screen or not.

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