How to retrieve messages on WhatsApp that have been sent / wrongly sent easily

How to retrieve messages on WhatsApp that have been sent / wrongly sent easily

Geekers - Before the age of technology like now, people who want to send SMS will think twice about sending the message. Moreover, if the operator is selected [DEL: stingy bonus :DEL] and will be charged a fee that is quite expensive anyway. Since the chat application appeared, one by one they started leaving SMS and immediately switched to instant messaging applications.

One of them is WhatsApp which is very popular and with the most users not only in Indonesia, but in several other countries as well. WhatsApp costs are free, allowing users to freely send messages. You don't need to think about the cost of credit that comes out like SMS, this instant messaging application only needs to use an internet connection. The good news again, the required internet connection does not have to be fast.

How to retrieve messages on WhatsApp that were sent / wrongly sent

Maybe before this interesting message feature existed, you would immediately tell your chat friend that you had sent the wrong message. Even though you have apologized, sometimes the messages you send can boomerang for yourself.

Unsend is a feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for for a long time. This article will discuss how to retrieve messages that have been sent on WhatsApp. Check out the steps below.

1. First of all, first open your WhatsApp application. It is recommended that you have updated/updated your WhatsApp application to the latest version so that you can use this unsend feature.

2. Then open the message you want to retrieve. This message must have been sent for at most 7 minutes.

3. Next, tap and long press/hold on the message area until the back/back, star, info, and delete/trash can icons appear.

4. Then select the delete icon like the image circled in red below.

how to withdraw messages on whatsapp that have been sent how to withdraw messages on whatsapp that have been sent

5. A dialog box will appear to confirm the message you want to withdraw. There are three options, namely deleted for me or just delete from your device, cancel or cancel, deleted for everyone or delete from everyone. Select deleted for everyone to retrieve messages you've mistakenly sent from everyone.

how to withdraw messages on whatsapp that have been sent how to withdraw messages on whatsapp that have been sent

6. If you have followed the steps above correctly, then how to withdraw messages on WhatsApp has succeeded. You will see the words you deleted this message (you have deleted this message) like the image that has been given a red box below.

How to Pull Messages on WhatsApp How to Pull Messages on WhatsApp

It turns out that pulling the wrong message sent on WhatsApp is very easy, isn't it? Well, it's good if when chatting you are in a focused condition so that your fingers and thoughts are in sync and don't embarrass yourself or make you regret it.

Several months ago, at the end of October to be precise, WhatsApp users were euphoric when the Delete for Everyone feature was inaugurated. The reason is, it is not uncommon for some WhatsApp users to send messages incorrectly, intentionally or unintentionally.

The Delete for Everyone feature itself can retrieve messages that you have sent for a maximum of 7 minutes. This is often experienced by people who are not focused. Especially when you are in an unstable period or the mood is going up and down. As a result, written messages can actually embarrass you or even hurt your chat partner's feelings.

Messages that you accidentally sent may be read by your chat partner even though you have taken the message back. Therefore, let's be careful when sending messages and re-read the messages you will leave. Hopefully this article on how to pull messages on WhatsApp is useful for you.

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