How to Reuse (Import) Slides from Another Presentation in PowerPoint

How to Reuse (Import) Slides from Another Presentation in PowerPoint

Geekers - .COM – Microsoft Power Point is an application created by Microsoft that functions to make presentation slides, and so on. Maybe we have made a presentation for assignments, work, or so on.

However, maybe in one situation we have to present an assignment where the presentation slide files we have created are separate, thus forcing us to create a new presentation slide file. Certainly by creating a new file takes a long time. Even though we can combine other presentation slide files into other files.

We can add one or more slides to our presentation from another, without having to open another file. Microsoft Power Point has provided this feature, namely Reuse Slides. So, we can reuse or import slides from other presentations. Then, how do you make it?

How to Re-use (import) slides from another presentation in PowerPoint

In this tutorial, I used Microsoft Power Point version 2013. However, if you are using another version, don't worry because the steps given won't be much different. Immediately, see the following steps.

1. First, please open the Microsoft Power Point application on your laptop / PC.

2. Then, please open one of your presentation slide files.

3. Then, in the slide thumbnail panel on the left, please click where you want to add a slide. As in the picture below.

click slide click slide

4. Then, please go to the Home tab on the top menu. Then, in the slide group, please click the arrow below New Slide, and then select Reuse Slides. As in the picture below.

click reuse slide click reuse slide

5. Then the reuse slide panel will appear on your right. Please click Open a PowerPoint File. As in the picture below.

open a pp file open a pp file

6. Then, a file selection window will appear. Please select the file you want. Then, please click Open. As in the picture below.

click open click open

7. So, the slide you selected earlier will appear on your right. Please select a slide that you want to add to your presentation slide. However, if you want slides that you add to the destination presentation to retain the original presentation formatting, select the Keep source formatting check box before you add slides to the destination presentation. (When this check box is not selected, the slide copies inherit the style they were inserted after the slide.

keep source formatting keep source formatting

8. Then, if you want all slides to be inserted into your presentation slides, please right-click, then select Insert All Slide. As in the picture below.

insert all slides insert all slides

Well, how? The method is quite easy and very simple, right? Now we can add or import other presentation slides to other presentation slides without having to re-create from scratch. We just reuse it and presentation slides.

That's how to reuse or import slides from other presentations in Ms. PowerPoint easily that you can try.

If this article helps you, please share it with your friends so they also know how to reuse or import slides from other presentations on Ms. PowerPoint easily. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If there is a writing error please forgive. Thank you 🙂


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