How to Send Large Files Via Email

How to Send Large Files Via Email

Geekers - Email, which is sometimes also written as e-mail, is an abbreviation of Electronic Mail, whose concept dates back to the 1960s. At that time it worked much like you left a note on the desk or a file in a folder for others to read. It was only in the 1970s, Ray Tomlinson managed to develop an e-mail system as you know it today. Along with the development of internet technology, eventually e-mail services such as Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail appeared in the 1990s.

In 2004, Gmail arrived and immediately made a splash by offering an email storage capacity of 1 GB until it finally forced Yahoo! Mail to increase its capacity from 4 MB to 100 MB, which was then increased again to 1 GB. Now, every Google account owner can enjoy 15 GB of storage capacity for free and can send files as attachments in emails to several people at once.

Most users may only send files that are a few megabytes in size or even much smaller than that, for example sending lecture assignments to lecturers, sending job applications, cooperation proposals, and low-resolution photos. The file size limit that Gmail enforces is sufficient enough to send such files. The limit is 25 MB. However, even if the file size you want to send far exceeds this limit, for example a video file that is more than 1 GB in size, you can still read the tutorial on how to send large files via email below.

How to Send Large Files Via Email

1. In this example, we use Gmail to send large files. The good thing about Gmail is that we get 15GB of free storage. So when you send a large file, it will be stored on Google Drive. Immediately, login to your Gmail account then to send large files via email select Compose.

Sending Large Files Via Email 1 Sending Large Files Via Email 1

2. Enter the destination email address along with the subject line and contents. Then select the attachment icon to add the desired file.

How to Send Large Files via Email How to Send Large Files via Email

3. Wait for the uploading process to finish.

Sending Large Files Via Email 3 Sending Large Files Via Email 3

4. After the large file has been successfully uploaded, just select Send to continue.

Tutorial on how to send large files via e-mail. Tutorial on how to send large files via e-mail

5. If a notification like this appears, select Send again.

Sending Large Files Via Email 5 Sending Large Files Via Email 5

Until now, e-mail still has an important role in communication even though social media is everywhere. In some cases, especially for formal purposes, email is usually the preferred means of communication. One simple example is that almost every company asks for a job application letter to be sent via email. Documents related to business such as invoices are also often done via email.

Email is also often chosen for sending large files, especially Gmail because this email service is integrated with Google Drive so that sending large files is even easier. You can upload files to Google Drive directly from within Gmail to share with others.

The average social media also provides a file sending feature but the file size is very limited. If you use WhatsApp, you can only send files up to 100MB in size. Other social media such as Telegram offers a much larger capacity than WhatsApp, which is 1.5 GB, but still much smaller if you compare it to Google Drive. This is just one of the strengths of Gmail that keeps it popular amidst the widespread use of social media in everyday life.


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