How To Send Picture with Gmail

 How To Send Picture with Gmail

To send a picture with Gmail, follow these steps:

Open your Gmail account and compose a new email.

Click on the "Insert" button, which is located at the top of the email composition window.

Select "Image" from the dropdown menu.

Select the location where the image is stored, such as your computer or Google Drive.

Select the image you want to insert and click "Open" or "Insert" to add it to your email.

If you want to resize or edit the image, you can use the options in the toolbar above the email composition window.

When you're finished, click "Send" to send the email with the attached image.

Note: If you're unable to insert an image using the steps above, it's possible that the image file is too large or in a format that Gmail doesn't support. In this case, you may need to resize or convert the image to a different format before attaching it to your email.

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