How to Show Hidden Folders / Files on Laptops / Computers

How to Show Hidden Folders / Files on Laptops / Computers

Geekers - Laptops or computers for most people are used as storage media and also media for doing work. Where the laptop / computer is the main function for storing and managing data, files, documents or programs. We as laptop / computer users must have confidential data, files or documents or we consider this data to be our privacy. So that we really maintain the security of our laptop / computer.

Computer security is important to maintain our privacy from other people. There are many ways to protect the privacy of our (user) data from other people, one of which is by giving a password to enter the operating system, hiding files, data or folders on your laptop/laptop. computer. This method is quite effective to do by hiding data, files or folders from other people (ordinary people) and most of these methods are successful in maintaining our privacy.

We can safely hide our data, files or folders on our laptops/computers without being noticed by other people. Only we can open and access it. So that other people cannot arbitrarily modify or delete data, files or folders. how do?

Well, this time I will share about how to display hidden folders/files on a laptop/computer very easily. No need to download any additional application to display it. Only use the features that are already available on our laptops / computers. How to? Just follow the steps below.

How to Show Hidden Folders / Files on Laptops / Computers

1. Make sure you already have hidden files/folders on your laptop/computer.

2. Then, please click "View" in the top menu. As in the picture below.

view view

3. Then, please tick or check the Hidden Items box to display hidden files / folders. As in the picture below.

hidden items hidden items

4. Done. Now the hidden files/folders have successfully reappeared.

However, the method above only appears temporarily. You can show permanently hidden files/folders. For example, you no longer need the file/folder to be hidden. You want to display it in full again or anyone can see it. How to?

1. Please right-click on the file / folder that appeared earlier. Then, please click "Properties". As in the picture below.

properties properties

2. Then, please uncheck the "Hidden" box. Leave only the Read Only box checked. After that, please click "Apply". As in the picture below.

apply apply

3. Then, please click on “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files” so that all folders / or files in that folder can also be accessed. As in the picture below.

ok ok

4. Then, please click "Ok" to finish. As in the picture below.

ok ok

5. Done. Now your hidden folder/file can be accessed by anyone. As in the picture below.

appears appears

Well, how? The method is quite easy and simple right? Now we can display our hidden files / folders on our laptop / computer again. Without using additional applications, we can already do it.

That's how to easily display hidden folders / files on laptops / computers that you can try. If this article can help you, please share it with your friends so they also know how to easily display hidden folders / files on laptops / computers. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If there is a writing error please forgive. Thank you 🙂


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