How to Show / Hide the Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop

How to Show / Hide the Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop

Geekers - Anyone would agree that the cable is very troublesome. When you want to install something that uses a cable, the cable must be prepared first. After use, the cable must be tidied up again. Besides being a hassle, cables can make a room or table look messy when in use. When not in use, the cable requires storage. Such conditions will not occur if you use Bluetooth instead of a cable.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology to connect a device with other devices so that they can send data to each other without using a cable as an intermediary. Bluetooth is similar to Wi-Fi technology, but there are a number of major differences between the two.

Besides being able to be used to connect multiple devices wirelessly, Wi-Fi can also be used to connect to the internet. The data transfer speed on a Wi-Fi network is also faster than Bluetooth, so it's no wonder Wi-Fi is preferred over Bluetooth for file transfer purposes, for example transferring photos from a cellphone to a laptop.

How to Show / Hide the Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop

Although the speed is lower than Wi-Fi, bluetooth is used quite often in everyday life. When you are outside the house, you may have seen someone talking using a handsfree.

Hands-free devices are a popular form of application of Bluetooth technology and are used so that someone can communicate via a cell phone without having to hold it. In some countries, calling while driving a vehicle is not allowed if you are not using a handsfree.

Bluetooth is also often used for other devices such as digital cameras, mice, keyboards, headphones, headsets, printers, speakers, door locks, alarms, laptops, and others. If you connect a laptop with a digital camera via a bluetooth connection, there is a bluetooth icon in Windows that you can show or hide. You can see the following steps on how to show / hide the Bluetooth icon on your laptop.

  1. First of all you need to enter the Windows Settings menu by using the Windows key + I. After that, select Devices. How to Display a Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop How to Display a Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop

  2. On the Bluetooth menu, you select On to display the Bluetooth icon. Show or Hide the Bluetooth Icon 2 Show or Hide the Bluetooth Icon 2

  3. On the desktop tray located in the lower right corner of the screen, a Bluetooth icon will appear. How to Hide the Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop How to Hide the Bluetooth Icon on a Laptop

  4. Meanwhile, if you want to hide the Bluetooth icon from the desktop tray screen, just select Off. Show or Hide the Bluetooth Icon 4 Show or Hide the Bluetooth Icon 4

  5. Then the Bluetooth icon will not appear on the desktop tray and successfully hidden. How to Show/Hide Bluetooth Icon How to Show/Hide Bluetooth Icon


In general, users prefer to display the Bluetooth icon on the laptop. With the Bluetooth icon, users can more easily access the Bluetooth settings section to make adjustments and add other devices to be connected via a Bluetooth connection.

However, there are also some users who prefer to hide the Bluetooth icon on their laptop, usually because it is considered annoying or not needed at all. As you know, the existence of the Bluetooth icon also requires a place like other icons that appear on the taskbar and system tray.

When you run a lot of software at the same time, the taskbar will be even narrower. Such conditions can make work even more difficult to complete, especially for types of work that require you to think hard. By eliminating the bluetooth icon and several other icons that are not really needed, the taskbar will become wider.


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