How to Turn Off App Notifications in Windows 10 Store

How to Turn Off App Notifications in Windows 10 Store

Geekers - – Currently we are living in the convenience of technology, where all the devices that are owned are completely automated. It also includes conveying information about changes in the device, in real time.

We will often receive information about notifications or notifications about updates to existing applications on our devices, one of which is on a Windows-based device.

Unfortunately, because there are too many applications installed, the notifications that appear are also quite a lot and are often annoying. Especially when using a Windows 10 device, when doing a task or playing, the notification appears and then provides a distraction and the focus is broken.

Not infrequently, many users then choose to turn off notifications or notifications for the application update. The method is quite easy. If you want to turn off notifications in Windows Store applications, you can follow the method below.

Turn off App Notifications in Windows 10 Store

The process or steps needed to turn off app notifications in the Windows 10 Store are actually quite easy, and the notifications won't reappear permanently, depending on your choice.

"Turn off "Turn off

The first thing to do is to access the Settings or Settings page in Windows 10. Press the Start button (windows logo) and select the gear icon. Or you can use the Start key shortcut + i simultaneously.

The Windows Settings screen will appear, and select to access the System options. Then on the page that appears, select the "Notifications and Actions" option. in the left sidebar. If you swipe down, you will find the Get Notifications From This Sender section. From there you can choose to turn off notifications for individual apps. Included in this is turning off notifications from the Windows 10 Store which are often annoying.

But if you want to turn off notifications from all existing applications, all you have to do is select the "off" button? in the “Notifications� section.

Even if you turn off notifications in the Windows Store, you should still activate automatic updates. So even if you don't get a notification about an update, existing applications can get the latest version of the update, without you having to access each application first.

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