How to Use Find My iPhone to Find a Lost iPhone

How to Use Find My iPhone to Find a Lost iPhone

Geekers - There is no need to doubt the security facilities provided by Apple for all of its products. You may often hear about Find My Iphone. What is Find My Iphone?

When an iPhone is stolen or lost, Apple offers a free facility to help find or get it back. Even if we can't get it back, in this way we can prevent thieves from getting the personal data that is on our iPhone.

To do this, we can use Find My iPhone, a free service that is part of iCloud, this service uses the phone's GPS and Internet connection to help find its location on a map and then take appropriate action. Maybe not everyone needs an article about this, but if it happened to you, then this article will help you how to use Find My iPhone to find a lost or stolen iPhone.

This facility can only be used to find iPhones or other Apple products. If you don't understand how to use it, let's see the steps below.

1. How to Activate Find My Iphone

Previously, you had to make sure that the Find My Iphone feature on your iPhone was activated. To activate it like the steps below:

First open your Apple ID in the Settings app. Then select and press iCloud.

open icloud from id apple open icloud from id apple

Then select and press Find My iPhone / Find My Iphone.

select it and press find my iphone select and press find my iphone

After that point the Find My iPhone button to the right to activate it. and until it turns green.

enable find my iphone enable find my iphone

How to Use Find My iPhone to Find a Lost iPhone

Open the Find Iphone / Find My Iphone application. If you don't have it, please download it first in the App store.

open the find my iphone app open the find my iphone app

After opening you will be asked to log in by filling in the Apple ID and iPhone password that you want to find. Then press Enter.

enter by filling in the apple id and password enter by filling in the apple id and password

Wait a few moments for the search process.

search process search process

If you activate the Find My Iphone feature on your lost iPhone. So when you search with Find My Iphone or Find My Iphone, the location of the lost iPhone will appear, like the image below. Then click on your iPhone name to see the information more clearly.

iphone location iphone location

You can create actions that you will take on your lost iPhone by pressing Actions.

press action press action

Some actions you can take:

Play Sound ->Â Â This is the first option whose function is to send sound to the iPhone device you want to find.

Lost Mode ->Â This allows the user to remotely lock the device screen and create a passcode (even if they haven't created a passcode before). This prevents thieves from using the device or accessing private data.

Erase Iphone -> If there is no possibility to get the iphone back, then you can delete all data from the device. Then you will see a warning 'don't do this unless you are absolutely sure you want to do this'. Click the box that says you understand what you're doing and click 'Erase'. This process will erase all data on the phone and prevent thieves from accessing it.

actions that can be taken actions that can be taken

NB: This facility can help you find your iPhone again if you activate the Find My iPhone feature. Therefore, always activate this feature so that if something unlucky happens to you, for example, your iPhone is lost. You still have the possibility to be able to find it.

However, if you have activated this feature but the location still hasn't appeared, there are a number of possibilities that have happened to your iPhone, namely: the iPhone is turned off or the battery runs out, the iPhone is not connected to the Internet or location services have been disabled.

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