How to Use LINE Theme Changer (Complete+Image)

How to Use LINE Theme Changer (Complete+Image)

Geekers - Who doesn't know LINE? Almost everyone uses the LINE application as their social media. Line is a social media application that is used to send messages in the form of text, video, images and sound. This application is free, but you must have internet quota to stay connected.

Over time, Line has developed rapidly with attractive features so that it has many users, especially in Indonesia. In addition to existing features such as voice calls, voice notes, video calls to communicate.

There are also other features such as keep, sticker, timeline, points, theme, line today, even now Line already has a Live Video feature that you can use for groups in your account. You can also use stickers to interact in a chat.

LINE is the most frequently used social media network by teenagers because of its complex features. It's no wonder that many spend their time just chatting with their family, friends or girlfriends.

To avoid feeling bored when you see the same look of LINE, I will give you a way to keep your LINE interesting by using themes that you can change whenever you want. How could that be? while we have to collect as many points as possible to buy the theme or sticker we want.

Don't worry, see the explanation on how to use Theme Changer to change your Line theme below!

How to Use Theme Changer

To change the theme on LINE social media, all you need is the Theme Changer app. The following explains the installation of the theme changer and how to use the Theme Changer.

1. First of all, you must have an application called Theme Changer. If you don't have it, please download it here. Look at the image below to see the application.

how to use theme changer how to use theme changer

2. Previously, you had to download the theme that you will use on your LINE account. To download various themes, please download here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). These themes are free! You can download as much as possible. Then select Drive to continue.

3. If you get a notification like this, select which Google account you want to use. After click OK.

theme charger 1 theme charger 1

4. A list of themes will appear that you can download for free. Choose the one you like by clicking on the theme, it will be downloaded automatically later.

theme charger 2 theme charger 2

4. Open the Theme Changer application that you got from the play store. Then, click the Add (+) icon above. See the picture below. Click the Add icon (+) Click the Add icon (+)

5. Find the theme file that was downloaded earlier. Click on the theme.

Search for theme files Search for theme files

6. After that, the theme that you clicked earlier will enter the list of themes. Select the theme you want to apply.

7. Now, a menu will appear like this. Next, click Apply.

Next, click Apply Next, click Apply

8. Select which theme will replace the position of the theme that you have previously downloaded. Look at the picture below. The themes that will be selected are the default themes from LINE itself. Here I will choose the Cony theme.

i will choose Cony theme i will choose Cony theme

9. Turn off the internet connection on your smartphone before pressing the Apply button. After the cellular data is off, then click Apply on the Cony theme.

10. Now, the appearance of LINE on your cellphone has changed to the theme that you downloaded earlier.

how to use theme changer how to use theme changer

Easy, right? That's all for explaining how to use the theme changer to change your Line theme for free! You can use any theme by downloading the theme from the link above. Can be used anytime you want to change your LINE appearance without having to collect points.

The tutorial on how to use the Theme Changer above is quite easy to apply to your smartphone. This Theme Changer usually only works on Android-based systems. Hopefully useful and can change your days to be more fun. Thank you and enjoy trying the tutorial above!


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