Tutorial on How to Download Videos on Iphone for Beginners, Very Easy!

Tutorial on How to Download Videos on Iphone for Beginners, Very Easy!

Geekers - Watching videos from smartphones while lying down is a habit that is often done by today's millennial generation. But compared to watching by streaming, some people prefer to download it first so they don't use up a lot of internet quota. Just like other smartphones, the iPhone can also download videos, but again it's different from Android.

To be able to download the videos we want on the iPhone, iPhone users must have third-party applications or supporting applications that can be downloaded for free on the iPhone. Actually there are lots of applications to download this video in the app store.

How to Download Videos on iPhone for Beginners

This time I will share how to download videos on iPhone using the Music FM application

1. You must first download the Music FM application in the app store.

2. After you have successfully downloaded it, you can see the application on your homescreen. Press the Music FM application, it looks like a scale. Like the picture below.

3. After the Music FM application is open, you can see at the very top there is a search field. In that column you can type and search for the video you want to download.

4. After that, various video recommendations will appear related to the keywords you are looking for. Then you will see the download icon on the left of the various video recommendations. Like the picture below.

5. Then after you press the download icon, information will appear about what resolution you want the video you want to download and whether you want to download it as video or as audio. If you want to download as video then choose MP4, but if you want to download as audio then choose MP3. Then press download which is at the bottom. Like the picture below.

6. To see the download process of the video you have selected, you can open the My Music menu, which is in the very bottom center of your screen, then press video. The My Music menu also contains videos or songs that you have downloaded.

7. After your download is complete, a notification will appear at the top of your screen notifying you that the video you downloaded has been completed.

7. To view the videos that you have downloaded, open the My Music menu then Video. Then select and press the video you want to watch.

NB: Apart from downloading videos, this application can also be used to download music.

How?? Isn't it easy to download videos on iPhone? Even though the iPhone is not like Android in terms of downloading videos. But you don't need to worry, because there are still many solutions that can be used to be able to do the activities you want, for example, download this video. Hopefully the tutorial on how to download videos on iPhone above can be useful and can help many people. Thank you 😉

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