Setting the Default Printer on Windows 11: A Simple How-To Guide

Setting the Default Printer on Windows 11: A Simple How-To Guide

Windows 11 Setting the Default Printer
If you use multiple printers with your Windows 11 computer, you may want to set a default printer so that you don't have to select a printer every time you want to print something. Here's how you can set the default printer in Windows 11:

Go to the Start menu, then select "Settings."

In the Settings window, select "Devices," then select "Printers & scanners" from the left-hand menu.

In the Printers & scanners settings, you should see a list of all the printers that are connected to your computer. To set a default printer, click on the printer that you want to use as the default and then click on "Set as default."

If you want to remove a printer from the list of available printers, click on the printer and then click on "Remove device."

You can also set default preferences for printing by clicking on "Manage default printers" at the bottom of the Printers & scanners settings page. From here, you can choose a default printer for different types of documents and set other printing preferences, such as the default paper size and orientation.

By following these steps, you can easily set the default printer for your Windows 11 computer. This will allow you to quickly and easily print documents, photos, and other files without having to select a printer every time. Keep in mind that you can always change the default printer at any time by following these same steps and selecting a different printer as the default.

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