The Easiest Way to Change Your Whatsapp Profile Photo (+Picture)

The Easiest Way to Change Your Whatsapp Profile Photo (+Picture)

Geekers - Whatsapp is one of the most widely used communication media in Indonesia. Most whatsapp users are more general, some even become parents.

So that the ease of using WhatsApp is highly considered so that many users prefer and are comfortable using WhatsApp for their communication media.

Exchange of information and data that is done through WhatsApp is fast and easy. The use of WhatsApp is the same as SMS and telephone calls in general that use cellular credit. However, when using WhatsApp, what is usually needed is no longer cellular credit but using an internet data package. So it will be more practical and easy to use.

How to Change Whatsapp Profile Photo

Whatsapp is equipped with a user profile photo, so you can add your own profile photo to your liking. Here's how to easily change your WhatsApp profile photo:

1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet

2. Open your whatsapp application that is already installed on your smartphone

Open whatsapp application Open whatsapp application

3. You will see the main display in the form of your conversations with friends or contacts that you have

4. Click the 3 point icon in the upper right corner (follow the arrow)

how to change whatsapp profile photo easily how to change whatsapp profile photo easily

5. Select the Settings menu to be able to continue changing your profile photo

WhatsApp settings menu WhatsApp settings menu

6. Then you will see a display of your WhatsApp settings, starting from the WhatsApp account, conversations, notifications or notifications, storage usage and capacity, and assistance to WhatsApp.

7. To change your profile photo, you can click on the profile photo section next to your WhatsApp account name

this is how to change whatsapp profile photo this is how to change whatsapp profile photo

8. Then you will see a display of personal information from your WhatsApp account

9. Click on the camera icon located in the photo section of your WhatsApp profile

Click the whatsapp camera icon Click the whatsapp camera icon

10. You will be faced with several options to get the profile photo you want. First, you can take your profile photo through the photos in your smartphone gallery.

Second, you can take photos directly using your camera. Third, you can delete your current profile photo, so the photo will be deleted and a person icon will appear.

11. You can try one of these options, for example taking a photo in the gallery that you have.

12. Select the gallery menu, to be able to select your photos. A wide selection of photos stored on your smartphone can be used as a reference for your choice in determining a suitable profile photo and to your liking.

Select the WA profile photo source Select the WA profile photo source

13. Adjust your portrait photos by increasing or decreasing the size ratio, then click Done

how to change whatsapp profile photo on Android phone how to change whatsapp profile photo on Android phone

14. Your profile photo will automatically replace with a new profile photo. This profile photo can be seen by all the contacts you have and even other people who save your contacts, even if you don't have their contacts. This depends on the personal settings regarding privacy that you set yourself.

With information about how to change the WhatsApp profile photo, it will make it easier for users to fulfill their desire to change photos. There are no restrictions on what photos to use.

However, each user must also prioritize the ethics of socializing and using social media or communication media such as WhatsApp. So as not to spread or display things that are less pleasing.

WhatsApp users have freedom in using their communication media and should maintain communication ethics so as not to harm themselves and others. So that social media freedom is maintained. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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