Tutorial on How to Download Files on Dropbox for Beginners, Very Easy!

Tutorial on How to Download Files on Dropbox for Beginners, Very Easy!
Geekers -  The need for data at this time is quite serious. Why? Because data is one of the important things that must be guarded and protected so that it is not misused for harmful interests.

In addition, the presence of data can also increase the need for information needed by users. With the data that continues to grow, it requires adequate storage.

This is so that it can accommodate various types of data that are considered important. This storage can be done anywhere, from computers or PCs, laptops, smartphones, flash drives, and hard drives. In addition to this storage, it can also be done via cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox and others.

How to Download Files on Dropbox

The following details how to download files on Dropbox so that it makes it easier for you to get files that are already stored in Dropbox:

1. Make sure that your internet connection is smooth to be able to download files on Dropbox smoothly

2. Open and run your search engine application program. In this tutorial, use the Google Chrome search engine

3. After the google chrome page opens, and is ready to use, you can continue the next process

4. Type the keyword dropbox in the search field at the top, then enter

search for dropbox search for dropbox

5. Many recommendations will appear related to the keywords written

6. Select the official dropbox site, or you can access it at dropbox.com

How to Download Files on Dropbox How to Download Files on Dropbox

7. You can choose sign-in or sign-up options. The sign-in option is used for those of you who already have a dropbox account, so you only need to enter your username/email and password, then click login

dropbox sign-in dropbox sign-in

While the sign-up option is used when you don't have a dropbox account, so you need to register first so you can access dropbox storage. Click sign-up, then there are several fields that must be filled in, namely first name, last name, email and password, then click sign-up

How to Download Files on Dropbox for Beginners How to Download Files on Dropbox for Beginners

8. In this tutorial, the method used is to use the sign-in step. This is because the dropbox account is already available. So simply enter your account email and password, click login

dropbox account login dropbox account login

9. Then your dropbox account will appear, and can be used for various things, both downloading, uploading, and more

10. Select the Files section

click dropbox file click dropbox file

11. Then select which folder to download. In this tutorial, the folder that will be downloaded is the Test Download File folder. The folder name matches the file you will download in your account. Then click the dot icon (next to member description: Only you)

download folder download folder

12. Then click Download

Here's How to Download Files on Dropbox Here's How to Download Files on Dropbox

13. Apart from downloading folders, you can also download per-file. So that only the files needed are downloaded. Select the file to download, and click the three dot icon (next to member description: Only you), then select Download

download file download file

14. Wait until the file is successfully saved on your device. The speed of the download process will depend on the file size and the internet speed you are using at the time.

So if the downloaded file has a large enough file size, and a slow internet connection, it is likely that the download process will take a long time. So if you want to download, make sure that your internet access speed is stable.

downloaded file downloaded file

With easy ways to download data or files stored in Dropbox, this will make it easier for you to get the file back. Even files that you don't upload yourself, you can also download via Dropbox.

Provided that the file has public access rights and has been successfully uploaded to Dropbox. For that you don't need to bother when you need a file that has been uploaded to Dropbox, because you can easily download the file. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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