Tutorial on how to use Word on an Android phone easily

Tutorial on how to use Word on an Android phone easily

Geekers - Microsoft word is an application or software that can accommodate all activities regarding the creation of documents, writing and reports. So this application is needed to meet these needs. The use of Microsoft Word is usually used on a computer or laptop.

However, as time goes by, Microsoft Word can not only be accessed on these two devices but can already be accessed using an Android mobile phone or smartphone, even a tablet. So that it is easier to use and do work through Microsoft Word faster.

Microsoft word on Android mobile phones is easier to use because it can be accessed wherever and whenever needed. So that accommodation for carrying out assignments and other work is easier to reach and can be completed quickly.

Tutorial on how to use Word on an Android phone

Here are the steps you can take to use word on a smartphone. In this article, the word application uses the Google Docs version which can be accessed via an Android cellphone.

1. Make sure you have the Google Docs for Android application installed on your cellphone or smartphone

2. (if not installed), click the Playstore application icon on the smartphone

3. After that, the Google Playstore application page will appear

4. In the search field, type google docs to find related applications, click enter or search

5. Similar applications will appear (according to the keywords entered)

6. Select the google docs application, click install (Wait until the installation process is complete)

How to Use Word on an Android Phone with Docs How to Use Word on an Android Phone with Docs

7. Back on the application menu on the smartphone, select the Google Docs application

8. Then the start page will appear when Google Docs is successfully opened

9. Follow the google docs usage guide

10. You can start using the word application to write according to your wishes and needs

11. Click the (+) sign to create a new document. You can create a new document from the template provided, or you can create a new document with empty content, so you can customize it according to the document requirements you want.

Create a new document Create a new document

12. In the document title section, you can enter a document name according to your needs, then click OK.

Fill in the document name Fill in the document name

13. In the contents of the document, you can write various sentences, pictures and more into the document to meet your needs in writing documents. Not only images can be inserted into the document, but you can also include links, tables, even lines or other forms in the document.

Tutorial on how to use Word on an Android phone. Tutorial on how to use Word on an Android phone

Insert picture, table Insert picture, table

14. When you have finished writing the document, you can click the check button to save the document. The goal is that the document is stored on your device. In addition, this document that you have can not only be accessed offline, but can be accessed online, making it possible for you to share this document to work on together.

Check icon (word HP) Check icon (word HP)

Using the word application on Android will make it easier for you to work on various documents. So that the various jobs that you have can be completed through your smartphone.

Without the difficulty of waiting for a computer or laptop device, you can work on your documents via Word on an Android cellphone. This makes a new breakthrough in the world of technology, because the time and equipment needed are becoming more effective and efficient.

With detailed steps for how to use Word on an Android phone, it can make it easier for you to create documents. So there are no difficulties in using this word application to complete the various tasks and documents you need. The existence of a word application that can be installed on this smartphone can facilitate our access to the various documents we need. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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