Various Ways to Contact Microsoft Customer Service When Windows Has Problems

Various Ways to Contact Microsoft Customer Service When Windows Has Problems
Geekers -  When a Windows device has a problem, you can usually fix it yourself. However, in some cases, you have no choice but to contact Microsoft. Fortunately, contacting Microsoft is not a difficult matter. Here are some ways to contact Microsoft customer service, when your device is having problems.

Use Built-in Windows Apps

Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed application called Get Help which you can use to contact the technical support team. You can access it from the Applications list or simply search for it in the Start Menu search bar.

After you launch the application, describe the problem you are experiencing in the search field. Get Help will automatically suggest related articles. Once you select the one that matches your problem, Windows will open the relevant help article in Microsoft Edge.

If you have tried to describe the problem in multiple ways and still can't find any helpful suggestions, select the Contact Support button from the bottom of the window. Then, describe your problem using the drop-down menu. Once you have done that, click Confirm so that Get Help will start looking for a solution.

Depending on your problem, Get Help will suggest various support options.

After you select the support option, a chat window will open in the browser. There, Microsoft's customer service team will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Note: Once the chat is open, pay attention and respond to questions from Microsoft customer service. If there is no activity for a few minutes, the chat will automatically close.

Microsoft Online Support

You can visit the Microsoft support site and describe your problem in the “How can we help you?†section. Just like when using the Get Help app, you'll get some suggestions based on how you describe the problem.

Also, it might be useful to visit the Microsoft Community forum.

Call the Customer Service Line

You can contact them and talk to Microsoft customer service about the problem you're having. For customers from Indonesia, you can call (001) 8030167966 or (007) 8030160575 once connected with one of the available agents, they will guide you through all possible solutions to your problem.

Microsoft Store Technical Support

If you have a problem with selling, shopping, or purchasing a Microsoft product, you can contact Microsoft for support. You can go to the Microsoft Store help page and look for solutions there or you can contact them directly.

You can find the sales support telephone number for your country in the Microsoft Store Support directory.

Send a Tweet to Twitter Microsoft Support

If you think your device issue just needs a little tweaking, please send a tweet to Microsoft. Include the hashtag @MicrosoftHelps at the start of your tweet and briefly describe the problem. Microsoft will reply with a solution or ask you to contact them directly for more detailed instructions.

Scam and Scam Alert

Fraudsters may call or email you claiming to be a Microsoft representative or customer service. They may have a legitimate-looking caller ID or email to gain your trust.

Usually, scammers will ask you to install an app so they can gain remote access to your device. Through remote access, they will pretend to fix your problem and demand payment in return. Moreover, they can copy sensitive information from your device and use it for their benefit.

To prevent this situation from happening, remember that Microsoft will not ask for any form of payment in exchange for technical support. In addition, Microsoft does not solicit personal or financial information.

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