What are Screenshots? Get to know the meaning of screenshots

What are Screenshots? Get to know the meaning of screenshots
Geekers -  Day by day, more and more social media accounts are popping up, and more and more news sites are taking their news material using screenshots taken from these accounts. There are artists posing boldly on Instagram, for example, immediately making news accompanied by screenshots and bombastic titles.

Actually, Instagram and almost all social media already provide an embed feature to display posts, but posts can be deleted at any time by the account owner. Unlike the screenshots.

What are Screenshots?

Understanding Screenshots are images obtained from screenshots. Its use is not only for news materials. Screenshots are also always used as evidence for defamation cases carried out through social media.

Within the scope of business, screenshots are also a very useful tool, for example to prove payments made via transfers between bank accounts.

Screenshots can also be used as evidence to show that what you say really happened.

To take screenshots, you don't have to install additional applications on your cellphone because the average modern cellphone is equipped with built-in features for this purpose.

It's the same with laptops. You don't need to use third-party software because most laptops are supported by the Windows operating system which already has a built-in feature for taking screenshots.

What are Screenshots? What are Screenshots?

Even so, in general the capabilities of these built-in screenshot taking features are limited so that many users ultimately choose to install other software.

Some software that you can use to take and save screenshots on Windows includes Screenpresso, PickPick, FreeShooter, Snappy, ShareX, SnapCrab, Monosnap, Sniptool, Screenshot Captor, Lightshot, and many others.

All the software mentioned above are licensed free. Some are unconditionally free, some are free for personal use only. The majority are also accompanied by annotation features to add text and arrows that users can use to explain the contents of the screenshot.

Recognizing the Definition of Screenshots Knowing the Understanding of Screenshots

For Android phones, applications that you can try are Screenshot Touch, AZ Screen Recorder, Screen Master, Lightshot, Stitchcraft Free, Touchshot, Assistive Touch for Android, Screener, and others.

In general, the default image format selected for screenshots is JPG. There are full 100 percent quality, there are also applications that automatically reduce the JPG quality to 90 percent to reduce the size of the screenshot file.

Another image format that is also often used for screenshots is PNG. This format is better than JPG for text screenshots, dialog boxes in Windows, and maps in Google Maps.

The JPG format is more suitable for taking screenshots of movie scenes, photos on Instagram, games and YouTube videos. Actually the PNG format is just as good, but the file size will be bigger.

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