What is Document Scan? Get to know the definition of Document Scan

What is Document Scan? Get to know the definition of Document Scan
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What is a document scan? Scan is the activity of scanning an object which will then be converted into digital data in the form of a file. Meanwhile, the tool used to carry out this process is called a scanner.

In other words, the meaning of the word scan is more about work or activity to scan documents using a device called a scanner. Scanners are able to duplicate objects by utilizing the light contained in them.

Document Scan Function

Definition of document scan Definition of document scan

What is the scanning function? Scan functions to scan documents or objects in the form of image or text structures that will be detected by the machine sensor. Then the image or text will be converted into digital data either in the form of JPEG or PDF files.

For scanners, this tool is also useful for duplicating hard copy documents in digital form. After the data has been converted to digital form, you can save it on a computer, laptop, smartphone, or you can save it in the cloud.

This will make it easier for you to save the document. Documents that have been scanned will not be easily damaged and can even be an alternative when the physical document is lost or damaged because you still have a copy. So, all you have to do is print the scanned document into a physical document.

Types of Scanners

The tools used to scan documents (scanners) have several types and forms. We can distinguish the type of scanner based on the object being scanned.

1.Drum scanners

As the name implies, drum scanners have a tube shape that is capable of producing documents with high resolution and detail. The scan results reach 2000 pixels per inch.

The advantages of a drum scanner are that it is able to produce a suitable image and the image does not experience vibration or distortion. In addition, this type of scanner can also scan documents on paper that is wide enough or flat objects.

2. Flatbed scanners

Flatbed scanners are flat and are the type of scanner that we often find in offices and digital printing. One of the reasons why flashbed scanners are widely used is because they fit the paper sizes we usually use, such as legal, A3, letter, and several other paper sizes. The way it works uses CCD technology or Charge Coupled Device which is capable of scanning the documents you place in it.

3.Film Scanners

This type of scanner uses technology, namely negative film. Its function is only to scan in the form of negative film so it is not suitable for objects or documents with other forms. Film scanners are a type of scanner that are expensive and quite difficult to find. Usually this tool is only used for certain purposes.

4. Hand scanners

Having a minimalist shape, a hand scanner is usually used as a security tool. Usually this hand scanner is used to scan luggage, scan document contents, or scan barcodes. This tool is not too difficult for you to find compared to film scanners.

5. Roller Scanners

Almost similar to a flatbed, a roller scanner is also used to scan objects in it. The way a roller scanner works is almost the same as a printer. There are two types of roller scanners, namely the ADF or Automatic Document Feeder for scanning in large quantities and the Sheet Feed or Portable Scanner with the same function as the ADF.

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