What is Server Side Scripting? Get to know the definition of Server Side Scripting

What is Server Side Scripting? Get to know the definition of Server Side Scripting
Geekers -  In the early days of the Internet, information was provided in the form of static web pages containing text and images. The limitations of this type of web page are unable to meet the increasingly complex needs of users, so dynamic web pages appear.

In contrast to static web page content which is always the same, dynamic web page content can change to display different information, for example weather reports or reports on stock price movements. The content displayed to visitors can also vary based on the preferences of each visitor, visitor activity history, type of browser used, or based on other criteria.

Web Scripting is needed to display all the dynamic content. Basically there are two types of scripting. One of them is server side scripting which we discuss here.

What is Server Side Scripting?

Server Side Scripting is a technique of using scripts on a web server to respond to requests from the browser used by visitors. When the server receives a request, the server will look for the required data and then process the data. This data processing occurs entirely on the server. After the data has been processed, then the data is sent to the browser to be displayed to visitors.

The data processing is carried out using a web programming language. One that is very popular for server side scripting is PHP. This language was specially designed for web development by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

What is Server Side Scripting? What is Server Side Scripting?

Apart from PHP, there are other popular web programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, and Node.js. Examples of well-known websites built using the Python language are Instagram, Google, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Reddit.

There are also many web developers who like Go or Golang who come from Google headquarters. There is even an opinion that Golang is a programming language that must be learned rather than Node.js to become the best web developer.

Understanding Server Side Scripting Understanding Server Side Scripting

There are several advantages to be gained from implementing server side scripting. Among them, a website template can be used for the entire website. Every dynamic page created can be displayed using the template. Security is also more secure because the code used to process content is not sent to the user's browser.

Server side scripting also allows for more efficient storage and presentation of information. Information can be stored in a database which is then presented dynamically to visitors. This way of working is much more efficient than creating a static web page for each piece of information.

There are many reputable websites that use server side scripting. For example, Amazon. On the website, scripting is used to display product search results, present a list of products that are considered most suitable to the tastes of each visitor, accommodate visitor shopping lists in shopping charts, and so on.

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