Windows 10 Cursor Freeze Problem

Windows 10 Cursor Freeze Problem

 Windows 10 Cursor Freeze Problem

If your cursor is freezing on Windows 10, there are a few possible causes and solutions you can try. First, try restarting your computer to see if that fixes the problem. If the cursor is still freezing after you restart your computer, try updating your mouse driver. You can do this by going to the Device Manager, finding your mouse in the list of devices, and then updating the driver.

If the problem persists, try disabling any software or applications that may be interfering with your mouse, such as anti-virus or other system utilities. If the problem still hasn't been resolved, you may need to reinstall Windows 10 to fix the issue.

To do this, you can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB drive or DVD, and then use it to perform a clean install of Windows 10. This will erase everything on your computer and install a fresh copy of Windows 10, which should fix any issues with your cursor.

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